Hunting Island Fishing
Hunting for shells on the Hunting Island beach can produce a wide array of finds, from sea shells to sand dollars to starfish. Always make sure the shell found is not alive or does not have a critter making it a home, especially in cone type shells and sand dollars.
How to Preserve Sea Shells
Sea shells found on the beach first need to be soaked for a couple of days in a solution of half water and half bleach. Rinse well with fresh water and allow to dry in the sun. If algae or small barnacles are present, you can usually rub them off in fresh water after bleaching. You can then add more luster, if you so desire, by rubbing the sea shell with mineral oil. You will now find that normal looking sea shell has become a fantastic looking showpiece, free from any odor and ready to be displayed. ( click here for sand dollars )
Starfish and Sea Horses
Sea Horses & Starfish must be preserved or they will quickly foul. Soak in 70% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) for a night or two and let dry out very well on a paper towel in the sun. For starfish, place a small weight on each arm while drying, if you want flat.
Sea Fans, Urchins and Sponges
Sea fans, sea urchins and sponges are extremely difficult to rid of smell, so therefore, are not recommended to collect as a souvenir. Best to buy them already dried in the gift stores around the area. If you want your found one, soak in fresh water for several days, and dry in the sun until all smells are gone, usually about 3 weeks.