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Name: Amy
Location: Ohio
We came to Beaufort for a Marine Graduation last week. After family day we searched online for a beach that was not a strip of shops and restaurants and found Hunting Island. What a lucky day that was....we have found our new vacation spot.

This is the most beautiful and peaceful place we could have happened upon. Thank you for preserving this treasure for all of us to share.
Posted on: Sunday - Oct 17, 2010
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Name: karen, MN
Location: Minneapolis
I have been to this beach many times and it will always be my fav. I was so sorry to hear about all the cabins but one. I have been to beaches all along the Gulf and Atlantic shores but none can compare to Hunting Island.
Posted on: Friday - Oct 15, 2010
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Name: Jenny
Location: Ohio
Just got back from Hunting Island. We rented one of the remaining private owned cabins. Coolest place I've ever been to. We didn't any sight seeing because we hated to leave our little secluded cabin with basically our own little beach. So happy to find this place, but sad at the same time. Erosion will probably take our cabin before we can visit again. We drove through the campground, which looked very nice. Very shaded. This place is like living in the jungle. Wildlife everywhere. Highly recommend.
Posted on: Monday - Sep 27, 2010
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Name: Monica
Location: Brighton,Tn
I went to Maine in June of 2010, Did NOT get to climb a lighthouse! I was thrilled to get to finally go up into a Lighthouse! Beautiful views!

Also loved getting to see where Forrest Gump was filmed! Hunting Island was the BEST part of my trip to Charleston & Beaufort,SC.
Posted on: Monday - Sep 20, 2010
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Name: stacys
Location: florence sc
We have been to Myrtle Beach Park for camping a lot and is nice for the young, and wbleepedlike planes that go over , we have been to Edisto a few times must say it has been the best yet in SC the only prob there , there is only a piggly wiggly there, so if you go there pack up before you go the prices aren't bad but its a small store and its elbow to elbow. Bike are good to have there also good trails, we are going to Hunting Island on the 10th I hope its our newest best place to go in sc.
Posted on: Sunday - Sep 5, 2010
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