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Name: Tracy Garrison
Location: Campsite 60
My family just got back from Hunting Island and it was one of the most amazing vacations we've ever had. It was so perfect. I had no idea it was going to be so untouched and beautiful. We saw new wildlife every day and my children were amazed. They had the most fun hiking on the trails and looking for shells in all the pools of water when the tide was out; so much fun! Can't wait to go back!!!
Posted on: Thursday - Nov 25, 2010
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Name: amy capenter
Location: augusta ga
my husband has been talking about this place for a while now and we plan on making a tripto hunting island? could you send me prices for all year..
Posted on: Saturday - Nov 20, 2010
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Name: Tom
Location: Richmond, VA
can't tell from your website if you have biking trails, kayak/canoe/boat launches, I guess there are none. A map of the park? A shame, there seems to be a lot of water to be explored. maybe I missed it.
Posted on: Tuesday - Nov 2, 2010
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Name: Melissa
Location: Social Circle GA
Have been to Hunting Island for 6 of the past 8 years (I think) and stayed in a cabin with my parents and my 2 children. What a blessing and beautiful place to go. My family dearly loves it and are just crushed each time we think that "our" cabin will no longer be there. So sad. But what a lovely place for a great adventure and even if we end up staying on another island, we come back and go out on the pier, to the lighthouse, etc. each time. Thanks for all the work you do there - we love it!
Posted on: Thursday - Oct 28, 2010
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Name: The Evans Family
Location: Manning SC
Love the website , Love the Park, however the website's section on mammals truely needs an entry about several more very abundant creatures that are found on the Park. We spent a wonderful week in one of the cabins and the white tail deer , racoons ,squirells, and fox population were a sight to see. It is not often one will get to see an eight point buck in full velvet walking on the beach among the Palmetto trees!
Posted on: Sunday - Oct 17, 2010
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