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Name: D. Harrison
Location: Atlanta, GA
We visited the beach and decided to stay another 3 days. We thought we would just visit one day, but fell in love with the nature and could not leave! It was that great. The break from life was really worth it. We WILL be comming back soon.!! Super
Posted on: Wednesday - Jun 8, 2011
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Name: Rudy & Pat
Location: Savannah, GA
Surf fishing is still great. Errosion is still present but that's what makes it special and never the same. Always changing but always brings back great memories just being here.

The Ranger we liked so much and who was so helpful with visitors is not there anymore! We were sad to hear he left the park, I am sure many will miss him. He really seemed to love his job and the park.

The deer and racoons seem to remember us! As soon as we arrived 2 deer that we had seen so many times before came up to us and let us pet them. Can't help but to fall in love with this place. Simply no where finer in Carolina!!!
Posted on: Tuesday - Jun 7, 2011
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Name: J. Carter
Location: Reno, NV
Visited Hunting Island last week and it is just as described o n the site. We have visited so many places in the last 10 years, and have never found anything was as described on the internet, untill now. The beach is really a refreshing sight.

We will be letting our friends know about this diamond in the rough! Thank you Hunting Island and the Webmaster - you all are a perfect match! Toast
Posted on: Tuesday - Jun 7, 2011
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Name: RJ
Location: Webmaster
The Guestbook is working again. We made many changes to help prevent spam comments.

We now only publish after reviewing the comments, so what you enter will only be published after we review to make sure it is a real comment from you. Wink
Posted on: Wednesday - Jun 1, 2011
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Name: Todd Mitchell
Location: Galax, VA

My Sweetie and I camped (site 61) 20-24 Nov 2010. We had the best time. Clean and quiet. We paddled our kayaks in the area for 3 days. I padddled straight out 8 miles and on the way back I crossed paths with a whale! I may never get over it.
If I were to say anything negitive at all, I guess it would be this. We bought firewood everyday. I brought three bundles with me. Your firewood supplier has been slipping in green wood. Might be you should check the loads as they come in. I don't mind buying seasoned wood but green wood should not be in the store. That's all.
We loved our stay and will be back.
Todd and Elizabeth Mitchell
Posted on: Friday - Dec 10, 2010
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