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Name: Ethan Betcher
Location: Columbia, SC
Oh Hunting Island. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. I won't have my surf board with me but, nevertheless, we shall have a good time. See ya then. Super
Posted on: Friday - Jul 8, 2011
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Name: Robert Lemacks
Location: Napoli, Italia
Can't wait to stroll on the beach again looking for the "perfect" shell.
Posted on: Wednesday - Jun 29, 2011
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Name: Tiffany Carson
Location: Carnesville, Georgia
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this place! We vacationed their last July. I have been missing it ever since. We are going back on July 2, this year! It's the most beautiful natural place to visit.

See you in the sand!
Posted on: Wednesday - Jun 22, 2011
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Name: David M
Location: brunswick ga
ok - I am in love with this place!
BUT a warning Mad while visiting 2 women almost lost their lives swiming near the groins and found themselves caught in a rip current. Had there been no people on the beach, they would have drowned. The mistake they made was to swim against the rip current, and it nearly cost them their lives. You seldom beat the power of a rip current!!
This site has a very detailed, accurate and well written safety section. As a former water rescue "fish", I can attest that if you read, study and apply what the section details, you will have few problems with a rip current.
Please be safe and stay away from the groins.
I love many beaches and this one is on my return list for sure! Site is great too. Smiley
Posted on: Thursday - Jun 16, 2011
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Name: Emily H
Location: Port Royal, SC
We just moved to Port Royal in January and had heard great things about Hunting Island, so me and my husband decided to take the day and go visit the beach. It was an easy drive, and it was amazing. So quiet and peaceful. Just the right amount of people. It was nice to be at a beach and not see condos and hotels up and down the beach. It was a great day and we will definately be coming back very very soon. Cheesy
Posted on: Friday - Jun 10, 2011
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