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Name: Michelle
Location: Walterboro, SC
Today I visited Hunting Island for the first time with my daughter on a school class trip. I collect light houses as a hobby. Months ago I found a light house replica not knowing at the time it was the exact model of the light house at Hunting Island! I was so thrilled to have a mini-light house to remind me of today. We walked up the enitre light house..what a workout, but worth it! I would love to come back and bring the whole family for a day of fun. Cheesy
Posted on: Friday - May 18, 2012
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Name: Taylor1028
Location: Beaufort,sc
Hunting island is. So awsome i had a very good time
Posted on: Monday - May 14, 2012
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Name: P.J. and Margaret Smith/David and Barb Carr
Location: Camp Grounds
We spent a week at the camp, and had the most wonderful time ever. We camp together every year, and this was the BEST. We decided to make this our "annual" meeting site. P.J. and I live in Tampa, FL, and Dave and Barb live in Winston Salem. It's about 6 hrs. for each of us. Fishing wasn't great from pier, but crabbing was great. We got enough to make a wonderful crab dinner. The wildlife is incredible!! I have pics of deer eating carrots from our hands and taking a carrot right out of my mouth. So beautiful and gentle. Watch out for the racoons, they're SMART! The ferrel cats are everywhere, but not aggressive. If you've ever read a book about low-country living, this is the place to experience the real deal. We're in love with this place. Clap
Posted on: Sunday - Apr 29, 2012
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Name: Leslie Hammonds
Location: Huntsville, AL
-All natural sites surrounded by mature oaks, pines, plams and palmettos, dense woods and brush with interesting little trails to the bathouses and other campsites.
-Beautiful, natural coast line with compact sand that you can ride your bike on (it was awesome!) Dog friendly place where your "fur babies" will love romping in the surf and chasing the segulls and pelicans.
-Bathouses are sandy and outdated
-Friendly staff at the well-stocked store.
Posted on: Friday - Apr 27, 2012
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Name: Jason Sullivan
Location: Brentwood, TN
I loved visiting Hunting Island. The beach is very natural and not over crowded. My wife, Sandy, wishes we could take it back home!! Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)
Posted on: Thursday - Apr 26, 2012
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