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Name: Dan Phiffer
Location: Oakland, Ca
Just returned from a very relaxing stay at the campgrounds. I found everything I wanted to know before my trip on this web site. The pictures on this site do reflect what it really is like. Thanks for the info, the easy navigation and all the pictures. You all are lucky to live in paradise. Please never change a thing there, it is perfect as it is.
Posted on: Tuesday - Apr 7, 2009
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Name: Becky Lee
Location: Port Royal, SC

We moved to this area after many years of camping, and then being married on the beach at Hunting Island. It is a magical place where the worries and cares of the outside world just melt away. You can enjoy the good things in life and share precious moments with your children and families. This is a place where memories are made and dreams fulfilled.

By the way RJ - GREAT job on the site... it looks absolutely amazing!!! Toast
Posted on: Friday - Mar 27, 2009
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Name: M Hypes
Location: Fort Mill, SC
The new website is very attractive and has great pics of the area. We stay at the campground several times a year. Now, that you have a new website and the word is out, I will have even a more difficult time getting reservations.

What a wonderful place. Everyone needs a week here some time in their life!

Great job on the website and see you soon.

Marilyn & David
Posted on: Tuesday - Mar 17, 2009
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Name: Tom Davison
Location: Hilton Head, SC
This is one of the best sites on state parks I have ever used. Very easy to find what I was looking for. The photography is just fantastic. I have been to Hunting Island many times during the last 8 years and every time I go, it looks different - it is what I love most about this beach. It is never the same, except for the natural beauty. I beleive you have described the beach most perfectly when you said it is "therapy for the soul", ohhhh.. how right you are. Thanks for creating a web site so fitting for this beautiful beach.
Posted on: Monday - Mar 16, 2009
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Name: m cooper
Location: atlanta, ga
Beautiful site... very informative.. your photography is awesome.
Posted on: Sunday - Mar 15, 2009
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