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Name: Tom Brown
Location: Beaufort, SC
I will be there on Memorial Day EATIN BOILED PEANUTS! Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)
Posted on: Friday - May 22, 2009
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Name: Marilyn
Location: Fort Mills, SC
Just got back from a weekend trip on HI and like to say that I was happy that the mosquitos were not so bad. There have been times they could carry you away. Hope it stays that way, we will be back soon for another camping trip. Thanks for maintaining a wonderful place. I am in heaven when I'm there.

I want to thank everyone that does even the smallest chore or job to make HI the beautiful park it is. Without you, we would not have this place to visit.

A special thanks to Friends of Hunting Island also......great work. And PS I got my HI license plate this year. Keep up the good work.

See you soon,
Marilyn & David
Posted on: Wednesday - May 20, 2009
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Name: Michigan family
Location: Michigan
After camping at Hunting Island as a child, I now take my husband and our three children there for a week in August. (This will be our fourth year in a row.) It is the perfect family vacation spot for sun and sand and we all love it! Last year we brought along my husband's two sisters and their families and they fell in love with Hunting Island, also. This year my dad is coming along, too. He's the one wbleepedoriginally spotted a three line blurb about Hunting Island in the seventies and convinced my mom to spend the family vacation there. Thank God he did! It's our family's favorite spot and a great way to spend a week. Even the sixteen hour drive does not deter us.

Can't wait til August!!!
Posted on: Monday - May 4, 2009
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Name: Tammy Evans-Ingles
Location: Aiken, SC
Hunting Island was the first beach I ever visited @ age 16yrs old. I am now 39yrs old and consider hunting Island a vacation spot of choice. I was transplanted from SC for 5yrs to MI and now I am back in SC where I call Aiken, SC my home. I was raised in the foothills of the mountains in a small town called Anderson. The mountains was where I vacationed as a kid, but it never appealed to me. Then I met my first husband (at a young age) and he took me on my first trip to Hunting Island and I was hooked. I never feel as much peace in my head & heart as I do when I am sitting close to the ocean and hearing the waves crash against shores. If a storm should come while I am there, even more peace takes over. Smiley Shear Bliss and total Serenity in my mind's eye and felt throughout my body and soul.
Posted on: Sunday - Apr 26, 2009
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Name: Ranger
Location: Hunting Island, SC
The new site is awesome. Great informational resource for future and returning park guests. Thanks to everyone that helps us support and preserve such a wonderful state park so that we all can continue to make make those family memories that we all have. I know the most important memories of my life were made here. I hope that everyone will continue to respect this pristine natural resource so that our children will be able to experience and make their own memories on one of Gods Greatest Gifts.
Posted on: Monday - Apr 13, 2009
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