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Name: jane
Location: asheville,nc
my husband and i camped for two weeks for the fourth year in a row. We love the campground and the beach. always enjoy riding our bikes on the beach, hunting for shark's teeth, swimming , walking and watching the wild life. the camp store staff are always polite and helpful. the bathrooms are clean and the showers have piping hot water !!!!! the best vacation spot ever !!!!!
Posted on: Thursday - Oct 11, 2012
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Name: Richard Moore
Location: Greeley, CO
The park was great, well maintained, and we especially enjoyed climbing the lighthouse, the eighth in our journey down the coast and Outer Banks. What I thought was a bit "cheesy" was the fact that you differentiate fee wise at the entrance between "Seniors" and South Carolina Seniors! Give us out of state seniors a break! This was the first time we encountered this situation in all of our travels!
Posted on: Wednesday - Sep 19, 2012
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Name: Allie Frierson
Location: barnwell, sc
We were at Hunting Island to crab yesterday when my daughters friend cut her foot pretty good on some broken shells. I went to the Nature Center in hopes that they had bandaids. When the young lady and young man inside inquired as to what happened, they said to bring her in. They cleaned up the foot, applied topical antibiotic and bandaids, and gave care instructions. I offered to pay, but they said that was part of their duties. Wow. I wanted to convey my thanks again for the wonderful employees Hunting Island has. This was only my second time going to Hunting Island, but I am in love with the place.
Posted on: Sunday - Sep 2, 2012
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Name: Lucy Syrowski
Location: Hunting island State Park
I'd like to thank park ranger Erica for helping a dear friend of mine on, or around, the 4th of July. He apparently had a bike accident and she found him. Thanks Erica for not just "doing your job" but for being there. He posted on facebook that he was grateful to you and now so am I !
Posted on: Wednesday - Jul 11, 2012
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Name: Katrina Crawford
Location: Hunting Island State Park
This was my first ever trip to a beach it was great! But the bathrooms were not. Are there not people to maintaine this área?
Posted on: Wednesday - Jul 4, 2012
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