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Name: Alexa Avery
Location: Caro Michigan
I have been coming to hunting island since I was about 8 or 9 years old, and now i'm graduated and turning 18. Hunting island is the most beautiful precious place that I have ever been to. I have met some amazing friends, and have some great memories from hunting island. And summer 2008, RJ Sorensen took my amazing senior pictures on the island and I love them! This is my favorite place in the whole world, and I really hope I can make it down for a visit this summer.
Posted on: Friday - Jun 26, 2009
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Name: Kathryn Stephens
Location: Augusta, GA
I have come to Hunting Island since I was 4 yrs old, and I won't go to any other beach... The park rangers are very helpful and will answer any questions you have. I have experienced alot on guided kayak tours trought the lagoon, fishing and crabbing classes, gost stories, and turttle hunts. We found a turttle nest right out side of a cabin we were staying in and they named it after us!!! Even let us know they made it to the water safely. I have so many memories there, and love it so much. It is so sad that the beach is eroding, and all the beautiful quiet cabins are going to be gone. We have stayed in at least 5 that have been washed away.
Ranger Mike, (now at another location) took pride in the beach and gave us a free guided tour for the girls club, and I learned so much. Stay NATURAL!
Posted on: Friday - Jun 26, 2009
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Name: Brittany
Location: Sunbury PA
My dad always brought us down to Hunting Island for 2 weeks every summer. We met some pretty good friends but over the last few years have lost contact with them. We are looking for Carlton, Tammy and Callie and family and also Christy wbleepedwas a foster child. If anyone knows them or they are reading this, please contact Britty at dannynbrittany05@yah oo.com. Hunting Island holds many precious memories for my family especially now.
Posted on: Friday - Jun 19, 2009
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Posted on: Saturday - Jun 20, 2009
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Name: Donna J.
Location: Aiken, SC
The is a wonderful place! We will be camping on the beachside for the next week.

We have been here many times and it's beautiful!
Posted on: Thursday - Jun 18, 2009
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