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Name: Katherine Griffith
Location: North Augusta, SC
By far my absolutely my favorite place of any beach. The lowcountry in general is so beautiful. Hunting Island is my favorite because there is not one single hotel on the whole island. Some of my other (former) favorite beaches have been taken over by hotels and resorts. This little island has preserved nature and is a haven. I am worried about the erosion, though. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I pray this quiet, tranquil beach will be there for my children when they have their own children. Hunting Island is the perfect place for nature lovers and conservationist. I showed my children (6&3) where the protected loggerhead turtle nests were and explained (to the 6 year old) why humans have stepped in to protect the nests. We can't wait to come back and wish we could move to Beaufort!
Posted on: Saturday - Jul 25, 2009
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Name: Sheri Stanley
Location: Seneca, SC
Can't wait to get to Hunting Island for a week and a half! It is so beautiful and pieceful! Lay on the beach and wind in my hair, build sand castles with my 3yr old baby girl, fish, walk the trails, visit the light house, ride bikes... so much and not the normal rat race at the other beaches! Whoohoo! Can't wait!!!
Posted on: Wednesday - Jul 22, 2009
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Name: LaNette
Location: Rock Hill, SC
I have been to Hunting Island going on 8 years now. I was introduced by my ex boyfriend and his parents and it has always been a favorite place of mine. My son wbleepedis 9 loves to go every year for his birthday but this year we can't because I am expecting to deliver another son in September so we are going a little early this year. My new boyfriend absolutely loves this place. Fishing, crabbing, swimming, and not to many people! I stopped going to Myrtle Beach as soon as I was turned on to this place! I will continue to visit and introduce this island to my new son and other family members wbleepedwill hopefully continue to visit each year! So relaxing! Can't wait!
Posted on: Tuesday - Jul 21, 2009
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Name: Kalen
Location: Commonwealth of Virginia
I cant wait to come and visit my friend Brenda at the park! Nice website also; keep up the good work. - KB
Posted on: Monday - Jul 20, 2009
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Name: The Parks Family
Location: Midland NC
Can't wait to get there this year! We start talking about our next vacation to Hunting Island before we even leave Beaufort on our way home. See U soon.
Posted on: Sunday - Jul 19, 2009
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