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Name: Melody and David
Location: Dacula GA

We discovered Hunting Island 25 years ago and have been back every year since. This is such a special place to us. You cannot get the beauty that HI offers on a commercial beach. Our only concern is that it is getting so popular that it is very difficult for us to get "our site" LOL. It does break my heart to see the "wild cats" in the park. I don't know if the park tries to address this "growing" problem but I really feel sorry for these cats.
Posted on: Sunday - Sep 20, 2009
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Name: Duarte Santos
Location: Ontario - Canada
We have been a few times at HI and love it. We have beautiful sand dollars which we made into framed pieces and ornament walls (bathroom, play rooms, etc). We expect to be there again in 2010. Thanks for keeping areas like this.
Posted on: Thursday - Sep 17, 2009
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Name: Stan Wysocki
Location: Atlanta, GA
Without a doubt... one of the most magnificent islands on the eastern coast...how can you not be in love with this low country slice of heaven? As Pat Conroy said "this place will be etched on the white washed fence posts of my memory forever."
Posted on: Tuesday - Sep 1, 2009
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Name: Kitty
Location: Beaufort, SC
I would just like to say a thank you to the night ranger at the park, that works week-ends. He definitely goes out of his way to make families feel safe while we are sleeping and and he is always helping with information in a kind and thoughtful way.. I hope HI knows how lucky they are to have such a dedicated employee. They need more like him!
Posted on: Thursday - Aug 27, 2009
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Name: David Burnham
Location: Williston, SC
My family & I have been here 2 times this week. Have enjoyed collecting shells and playing in the surf and all. The only disappointment was my wife being stung pretty bad by the jelly fish yesterday, 8-15-09...this happened down on the light house end of the beach, so we left part and went to the other end of the beach, near the cabins. No problems there. The ranger that came by was very helpful & gave us something to out on the burns....our son enjoyed the water and everything.
Posted on: Sunday - Aug 16, 2009
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