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Name: kristi
Location: kingsport,tn
My family and I consisting of my husband and I and our son stumbled upon this "rare treasure'" several yrs ago and I must say it is like looking upon Heaven itself. No other pace to me was Ever as beautiful, serene, heavenly. I told my husband it was like being in the "footprints' picture of when Jesus carried us.. this place is soo Peaceful and the Lighthouse is breathtaking.. I am a fan and collector of lighthouse things & Love them dearly. My husband climbed ALL the way to the top to get pics for me as I was afraid of heights and to this day I still look at them occasionally and love them.. they are and will always be dear to my heart.. this place is a God send and soo peaceful and such a wonderful retreat not only for the soul but for the Mind - i hope to be able to go there again!
Posted on: Sunday - Apr 11, 2010
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Name: David Ross
Location: Denver CO
Found our next vacation! Visited on a quick drive checking out the Beaufort / Hilton Head area. Hunting Island is the vacation area we have so often dreamed about. What a beautiful beach!!
Posted on: Friday - Apr 9, 2010
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Name: The Davis Family
Location: Boston, MA
This place is unlike anything we've been to before. I saw your website last year and thought to myself "how can these web site's make vacation destinations seem so great - only to always fall short in when visiting in person".

How wrong I was. This beach is simply beautiful, inspiring and peacefull. It is really just like this website. My whole family loves this place, even the kids!

Once they found some sand dollars they instantly became little nature experts, showing other beach walkers their find and explaining how to tell if the sand dollars are dead or live, how to preserve them, how they live and so on. Your website provided all the education and facts for them!!!

I can honestly say Hunting Island has been a life inspiring event for our entire family.
Posted on: Thursday - Apr 1, 2010
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Name: Bill Schafer
Location: Naples, Fl
Great getaway.. wish tent campers could be closer to beach instead of all the RV's, they will never hear the nature and surf because their TV's and A/C units are going all night!

They (large RV's) should be in the woods, and the tent campers near the beach. Seems to be backwards thinking by supervisors as they must have forgot the real joys of camping!

Any-way, a great beach and nature spot if you forget about the idiots that run the beach. The Park Rangers are great, but managers need to find a new life before they loose the real camping folks!

Here is a great idea, you supervisors / managers should spend a week camping in the woods here, I am sure it will be a pleasent stay with the bugs and the distant sound of RV noise instead of surf. No.. just get a new life!
Posted on: Tuesday - Mar 30, 2010
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Name: The Riley family
Location: Shelby, TN
Guess this is the last year for the state cabins. I hope the private cabins will also go, as they really are based on greed. They lease the rights to be there from the state, for a very small fee, and charge a fortune to rent to visitors. Septic tanks leak into the ocean and all the private cabins that were damaged by erosion, never even cleaned the tanks they left behind. What a filthy mess! I hope the lease program ends when their leases expire. We love this beach and just hate to see the greedy private section. The state cabins were ok, as they were reasonable in the fees to rent, and the money went to the state parks, not to a few greedy folks. We do feel a loss for the state cabins, but for the private ones, well.. mother nature knows best!
Posted on: Tuesday - Mar 30, 2010
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