Hunting Island Fishing
Photography is very popular while on Hunting Island. There are many great spots and new ones are made by nature with every tide change. Even the erosion that threatens the island brings great opportunity to the photographer. It is important to note that you should walk to all roadside locations, as parking vehicles on the roadside is illegal. Best way is to have someone drop you off.

The Sunrise

Sunrise on Hunting Island usually brings some great shots. Some great spots include tidal pools formed on the beach at low tide, shots from Cabin Rd. towards the lagoon can provide unique colors on the water for bird and nature shots, lighthouse grounds from the beach, eroded forest area on the beach near campgrounds and near the cabins, tidal pools near the boat landing, and the Gay's Shrimp dock on left after swing bridge.

The Sunset

Good sunset areas include the marsh boardwalk, the boat landing near Fripp bridge, Gay's shrimp dock, eroded forest on the beach and beach near cabin and Fripp Inlet. The marsh near the entrance to the campgrounds can produce some beautiful sunset rays and colors when Stratus & Cumulus clouds are around or when hazy.

Good Anytime Shots

Tidal pools off the main road can usually produce some great bird photography, but always watch for gator's, trails provide some good deer shots and general bird and wildlife shots.