Hunting Island Fishing
The Hunting Island marsh boardwalk extends across the lush marsh tidal flats to a small hummock and provides a magnificent platform for viewing area nature, wildlife. The marsh boardwalk is located on the west side of the park on Hwy 21.

The Vietnam war scenes for the movie Forrest Gump were shot near this marsh walk. The wildlife here, as well as the beautiful sunsets, makes the marsh boardwalk an excellent photographers spot.

During the summer months, a naturalist often gives guided tours from this marsh walk and shares interesting facts about the salt marsh, vegetation, tidal flats, wildlife and it's importance to mankind and the environment.

Wildlife and Vegetation

The most common sights seen are fiddler crabs, blue crabs, birds including egrets, great blue herons, ospreys, marsh hens, hawks and sometimes Sea Island deer or a bald eagle. In the tidal creek, dolphin are sometimes seen surfacing for air and even more exciting, if your lucky enough to be at the right spot and at the right time, they will sometimes hunt mullet in the shallows, grouping the mullet together, and drive them toward the mud bank and beach the mullet and themselves. They grab a few helpless mullet and then wiggle back to the water. It is quite a rush to watch, but this is normally a rare sight.