Hunting Island Fishing
The Hunting Island lagoon is the perfect spot for those who want to get away from the Atlantic surf and still be near the water. A lot of people just go there for the nature or fishing. The lagoon is home to hundreds of bird and other wildlife species. Sightings of raccoon, deer, blue heron, egret, pelican, sand piper, king fisher and others are common events.

Fishing for spots, whiting, trout, bass and puppy drum is popular at the lagoon, as well as crabbing and shrimping.

The lagoon is a perfect spot for photography as the bird life is plentiful and used to human activity. Morning shots can produce vivid colors on the water when shooting from the beach side towards the lagoon bank.

Some people prefer to get a rubber raft and just float around or paddle a kayak around. The lagoon is well protected from the surf, wind and is very peaceful. It's the quiet side of the beach.
Movies Filmed at the Lagoon
Two blockbuster movies, "Forest Gump" and "G.I. Jane" were filmed here. Forrest Gump scenes included the Vietnam war and camp parts. G.I. Jane shots included the jungle and water camp scenes.