Hunting Island Fishing
Many people think alligators can only live in fresh water. This is not true, many gators live in salt water for their entire life. Hunting Island does have gators in the park & they are a protected reptile.

Where to Find Alligators

Most gators found here will be in the tidal ponds or other pools of shallow water and the lagoon. On just about any warm morning, you can find them laying in the sunlight on the shore of their ponds. They are absorbing the suns heat, as they are cold blooded. Once they have warmed up, they will move back into the water, looking like a log floating around. Area alligators can be covered with algae, which can make them very difficult to see.

Gator Cautions & Warnings

Care must be exercised around any pond, standing water or while in the marsh and tidal flats. Although gators will usually flee to the water around humans, they can be very aggressive when guarding their nest or young. They have also been known to snatch small dogs or cats venturing too close. Never feed an alligator because once they become "friendly" with humans, they may later become aggressive expecting more food, and will have to be destroyed. Watch them from a distance, but do not feed or entice them.

Never get too close to a gator as they are very fast and one will never know what they will do next. I have witnessed a gator on several occasions hiding near its pond and grabbing a feeding mature deer by the neck, then dragging it to his pond for the kill.